Hanphone or cellphone is an electronic device that functions for communication, cellphone function is not just a communication tool, for example banking for money transactions and others. If our cellphone is lost, all confidential data will be easily found.

Maintaining a cellphone using keywords does not guarantee that all secrets on the panda will be safe. If viewed from various applications that are used to track cell phones, then one of the main ways is to use

Email. Email can be used in tracking because everything is connected to the internet and all personal data has been kept confidential. Make sure when using a cellphone. Email can function as a GPS making it easier for users to track cell phones. Now here’s how to track a lost cellphone with the application.

Tracing Lost Mobile Phones With the Help of the Find My Device Application

Besides tracking with GPS and Email. Now tracking a lost cellphone can be done using the application in the following way.

To use this application as a tracking device for your cellphone,

  • First you download the Find My Device application on the Google Play Store.
  • After the download is complete, open the Find My Device application and log in using your Gmail service account
  • Furthermore, your lost cell phone will automatically be detected.

In addition to tracking your lost cellphone. This application can help you to lock your phone, delete data, or other things that are needed if the phone is lost.

Features in the Find My Device Application.

  • In the first menu, you can see information on your cellphone’s presence complete with battery capacity and the last time your cell phone was blamed
  • In the second menu, you can use the Playsound feature to bring out the ringing sound in maximum volume. Interestingly, this feature will still work even if your cell phone is in a silent or sillent state.
  • In the third menu you will find the Lock feature that you can use to lock your cellphone automatically, so other people cannot access anything on your cellphone.
  • And the last menu you will find the Erase feature. As the name implies, this feature can allow you to manually delete all data contained in your cellphone, such as photos, videos, or applications.